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We recognise that our business has an influence on the livelihoods of many people around the world. Therefore we have a responsibility to all our stakeholders - customers, suppliers, farmers, employees, and planet earth - that goes beyond making a profit.

B Corp

As a B-Corp, we prioritize social and environmental responsibility, ensuring that every decision we make positively impacts our community and the planet. 

Today, our impact extends far beyond our bottom line. Through sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and community engagement, we're fostering a brighter, more equitable future for all. 

We are thrilled to have joined this community of inspiring businesses, united in our shared mission to create meaningful change and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

Organic chocolate

At Meurisse, the decision to produce only organic chocolate was rooted in a commitment to both quality and sustainability. 

Organic chocolate is not just about avoiding synthetic chemicals and pesticides; it's about embracing a holistic approach to farming and production. Organic farming practices promote healthier soil, biodiversity, and water conservation. By sourcing our ingredients from organic farms, we support farmers who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, contributing to the overall health of ecosystems and rural communities.

Fairtrade chocolate 

Although farmers are responsible for the majority of global food production (as much as 70%!), they often do not earn a decent income. The cause is the functioning of international trade, more specifically the power relations between large companies and networks of producers and the unequal distribution of wealth along the value chain.

Fairtrade standards aim to rectify these disparities by ensuring fair compensation for farmers and workers, enabling them to improve their living conditions and invest in their communities.

Moreover, Fairtrade certification promotes environmentally sustainable practices. It encourages responsible farming methods that protect fragile ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, and reduce the use of harmful chemicals.

Fairtrade cocoa farmers are paid a Fairtrade Minimum Price for their goods, which acts as a safeguard when market prices drop. Organic production is incentivized with a higher Minimum Price.

Think Pink

We participate in the Think Pink Association every year in October. 

1 euro for each Caramel & Seasalt and Himalayan Salt tablet sold at Delhaize goes to Think Pink. 

What’s Think Pink?

Think Pink is the national breast cancer organisation and aims to improve the lives of breast cancer patients and their families. Think Pink has four clearly defined objectives: to inform and to raise awareness, to defend patients' rights, to fund scientific research into breast cancer.

Cacao Trace

The Cacao-Trace Sustainable program helps build a truly sustainable future for chocolate and cocoa-based products and everyone involved. 

We contribute to ensuring that our cocoa is grown in a sustainable and responsible way that generates income for farmers in Papua New Guinea and that safeguards the environment. We work with cocoa farmers via the Cacao Trace program to improve crop yields and quality, thereby helping to increase farmer incomes and improve family livelihoods. 

Cacao-Trace ensures that farmers receive the Chocolate Bonus, which is 10 Eurocents collected for every kg of Cacao-Trace chocolate sold and is paid 100% back to farmers. 

They also improve the environment and living conditions of our farmers' communities. How? Building schools, providing school kits to kids and teachers, all to improve education. Building health centers and offering drinkable water equipment, to improve their health.


Meurisse’s main product, the 100g tablet, has a packaging that is certified 100% plastic-free. 

The tablet is encased around a cellulose foil, which is both biodegradable and compostable at home. Furthermore, the outside carton sleeve is entirely recyclable.