Tablets of 100g

Milk selection (box with 8 tablets)

As a celebration for the rebirth of Meurisse, we've created this special box with the 3 new milk chocolate recipes.

All our tablets are made in Belgium and are certified organic.

What's in the box?
Recipe Nº5 • Milk with Caramel & Seasalt (3 items)
Recipe Nº6 • Milk with Roasted Hazelnuts (2 items)
Recipe Nº7 • Milk with Creamy Milk (3 items)

Delivery information
Only to Belgium at the moment and shipping is free.

Single origin chocolate

Certified organic (Certisys)

Fairtrade chocolate

Plastic free

Home compostable inner-wrapper

No palm oil / No soy lecithin

100% cacao butter

Made in Belgium