Tablets of 100g

Dark selection (box with 8 tablets)

As a celebration for the rebirth of Meurisse, we've created this special box with the 5 new dark chocolate recipes.

All our tablets are made in Belgium and are certified organic.

What's in the box?
Recipe Nº1 • Dark from Papua New Guinea (2 items)
Recipe Nº2 • Dark with Almonds & Caramel (2 items)
Recipe Nº3 • Dark with Orange (1 item)
Recipe Nº4 • Dark with Himalayan Salt (2 items)
Recipe Nº8 • Dark with Puffed Quinoa & Pink Peppers (1 item)

Delivery information
Only to Belgium at the moment and shipping is free.

Single origin chocolate

Certified organic (Certisys)

Fairtrade chocolate

Plastic free

Home compostable inner-wrapper

No palm oil / No soy lecithin

100% cacao butter

Made in Belgium