Don't waste any time if you haven't been to this location yet! This quaint and opulent establishment serves delectable meals and drinks, but more importantly, it exclusively provides products that are free of animal substances. The owners of this one-of-a-kind timepiece are taking a symbolic step toward modern nutrition that benefits the body and mind, the environment, and, most importantly, animal welfare. Om Nom Nom also offers the best cheese and brunch boxes produced from local ingredients that are vegan and free of animal substances. Vegan masterpieces such as Ceshew Camembert, Carrot Lox, and BLT Bagel and well-known vegan pleasures like hummus are available - all without animal suffering. Finally, Om Nom Nom is ideal for folks who are short on time during their break because they may order breakfast and delectable snacks online and pick them up.


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Address: Oberländerstraße 24a, 81371 München, Germany
Instagram: @omnomnom_muc