This newly opened shop has made every effort to become a welcoming and one-of-a-kind establishment whose primary goal is to establish a link between the consumer and the producer and between residents of the same neighborhood.  

Superfrais aspires to be an environmentally friendly convenience store with fresh products and a welcoming counter or tasting bar. At Superfrais, you'll find everything from natural wines to seasonal fruits and vegetables, DIY cosmetics, and vital product lines. Not to mention the wine provided by the pour, which may be drunk immediately or taken away without hustling. Customers also have the option to leave their bottle in the establishment's cellar! In other words, SuperFrais puts effort into building relationships with their customers. 

Lastly, Superfrais aspires to be a living space where guests may enjoy an aperitif, a tasting session, and a cooking instruction, followed by a presentation of the producers responsible for Superfrais' authenticity. 


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Address: 8 Rue Levert, 75020 Paris, France 
Instagram: @superfrais.superette